WorkHappy Nation is a movement to normalize conversations around mental health at work while creating a people-first culture where everyone has the option to be themselves and contribute to the greater good of their organization.

The Avantage Playbook is a 9 step program that allows organizations to create their own #workhappy culture where employees transform from stressed to self-care, lonely to community and from burnout to productive.

Our goal is to share the #workhappy playbook with over 1 million employees to make our society and economy robust and resilient for years to come. We will accomplish this goal by learning how to #workhappy and sharing our knowledge with our family, colleagues and friends.

Keynote Speaker 

Greg Kettner is a TEDx Speaker, WorkHappy Trainer and Podcast Host who helps organizations create a culture of mental health mindfulness which increases revenue, reduces turnover and impacts productivity.

He empowers and inspires audiences worldwide to be the very best they can be. His passionate stories will engage you, make you laugh and touch a tender part of your heart too.

WorkHappy Workshop

The WorkHappy Playbook is a 9-Step program to help organizations reduce turnover, increase productivity and normalize mental health conversations.

The Workshop starts with an in-person training and workshop that allows employees and organizations to work together to create their version of the Workhappy Playbook.

Monthly follow-up sessions include a weekly live training via Zoom and a group coaching session that any employee can join. The program lasts 9 months and guarantees that organizations will have higher morale, more laughs and increased productivity.

Laugh & Learn

Every team has their ups and downs and needs a pick me up every once in a while. Greg shares funny stories with lessons about life, parenting and work in this 30 minute engaging stand-up/storytelling session with your team.

Clients have used Greg’s Laugh & Learn to kick off a product, motivate at the beginning of a quarter, or a happy hour for their team to build excitement, community and connection.

Happy Customers

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