Steve Johnstone Avantage

Steve Johnstone

CIO Advisor

Based in Vancouver, BC, Canada

Phone: 1-604-644-8403

I take pride in being a dynamic and versatile leader with a proven ability to deliver the benefits of technology to diverse businesses in order to drive growth, performance and profitability. Throughout the years I’ve used my expertise to manage geographically and technically diverse teams as well as to consult with leading providers across industries such as aviation, manufacturing, telecommunications, food & beverage, real estate and travel.

Delivering solutions of the highest standard requires implementing best practice methodologies and building high performance teams. I work with team members and partners that also see the value of innovation and focus on developing flexible, scalable solutions, that allow organizations to grow quickly and securely, while managing risks and costs.

Professional Skills

Provides strategic planning and business & technology consulting to help companies maximize and protect their IT investments.

Builds highly competent, agile and cost-effective IT teams.

Streamlines business processes.

Partners with strong vendors to facilitate rapid business growth.

Professional Highlights
  • Inspired and led large-scale global IT projects for multi-national organizations.
  • Established an Innovation Centre for major travel organization.

Avantage’s Technology Business Management (TBM) is a business model and decision-making framework which enables IT to run as a business. TBM provides IT organizations with the solutions, strategies, methodologies and tools. It helps to manage the cost, quality, and value of their IT services and gives technology leaders and their business partners the facts they need to collaborate on business-aligned decisions.

  • Corporate Alignment
  • Policies and Governance
  • Performance Appraisals
  • Audit Defence
  • Performance Management