Mark Ollerton

Finance Consultant

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Phone: 1-877-687-2826

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Finance & Accounting

Human Resource Management

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Financial Planning & Analysis

Operations Management

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I am a financial consultant with over a decade of experience assisting clients in the private and public sectors both in Canada and the UK. During my industry tenure, I have become specialized in finance and accounting, human resource management, operations and marketing, and have serviced companies in the tech, retail, manufacturing, hospitality and sports industries. I am passionate about managing projects and building processes that streamline financial workflows; helping my clients build the tools that allow their organization to grow and thrive.

As a financial consultant, I work to understand the specific challenges experienced by each client, and then create a custom solution tailored to their specific business model. My operational strategies have allowed me to effectively service organizations including Herschel Supply Co and Sinclair Dental.

Outside work, I am passionate about soccer, skiing, and Formula 1. I love travelling and experiencing new cultures and am always searching for new and exciting travel recommendations.

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