Erik Lindquist

Senior Consultant

Based in Victoria, BC, Canada

Phone: 1-250-727-8355

I have 27 years experience as a professional engineer and project manager and have developed technical and business innovations for clients ranging from new business start-ups to large corporations and executive teams. I’ve helped companies save millions by designing and building projects with budgets spanning from $250,000 to $100 million.

My experience includes optimizing payment processing, manufacturing, inventory, distribution and sales processes for a broad range of market sectors including: agriculture, pharmaceuticals, natural resources, automobile manufacturing, construction, renewable energy and retail.

I’ve developed customized cloud based solutions to streamline and significantly reduce the engineering design time for complex infrastructure projects, which reduces the time to resolve engineering problems in retail distribution. As well, I’ve have developed a financial platform to tokenize assets in order to decrease the time, cost and work associated with traditional asset transfer and settlement.

I enjoy working with companies that want transformative change. I have a sincere passion to empower my clients to achieve measurable, sustainable improvements to their products and services, business processes and the technology that supports them.

Professional Skills

Manages projects involving complex IT and municipal infrastructure.

Provides strategic planning with the board and C-level staff to develop transformative business plans.

Develops practical business and financial models reducing time, cost and resources.

Analyzes finances to help increase profits and meet a business’s critical operational requirements.

Implements risk and change management and resolves issues that might impact the corporate direction, including changing technologies, political, regulatory and market changes.

Professional Highlights
  • Led the strategic planning and needs analysis to design and implementation of two cloud-based solutions to reduce engineering time in complex infrastructure projects and another to reduce the time work and risk associated with asset settlement.
  • Developed a modular approach to cleantech projects that generate results quickly and reduce the risk.
  • Reengineered a business plan and developed the enterprise architecture for what became a company that sold for $127M in 2012.
  • 6 years running a boutique cleantech finance company.
  • Provided consulting and technical services to:
    • Nike
    • NATO
    • Beanstream
    • Boeing
    • IBM
  • Designed, implemented, integrated, administered, & provided support for 24/7 mission critical systems.
  • Provided consulting and technical services to:
    • ICBC
    • Boeing
    • BMW
    • Panasonic
    • Daimler AG

Avantage’s SLMaaS is specifically designed to help organizations control, manage and maintain software licensing compliance without adding resources or expensive toolsets.​ We have extensive experience helping businesses maximize their IT investments in the following key areas of Software License Management.

  • Licensing Compliance
  • Policies and Governance
  • Vendor Negotiation
  • Audit Defence
  • Licensing Strategy
  • Strategic Sourcing