Douglas Thom

Senior Consultant

Based in Ontario, Canada

Phone: 1-877-687-2826

Areas of Focus and Expertise

Process Design and Optimization

Data Warehousing, Modeling, SQL

Application Design and Development

Business Intelligence and Analytics


Finance and Accounting 

I have been immersed in the industry of information and application architecture, design, and development for more than thirty years. My interest in Six Sigma added critical and quantitative dimensions to the solutions I engineered for companies like Consumers Gas, Aetna, and CIBC, Wood Gundy.

I have built industry-leading solutions and led multiple complex projects for a diverse range of companies, from small businesses to large corporations. I am an expert in designing Business Intelligence solutions for companies that need advanced strategies and technologies delivered easily and well-defined. My expertise creates a seamless transition for companies in their early stages to grow exponentially. During my consulting career, I designed data products and led the establishment of a new type of media analytics company to quantify the performance of advertising, which ultimately was acquired by the leading company in information, data and market measurement – Nielsen.

At Avantage, I deliver a variety of conventional and unconventional approaches by understanding the specific challenges and contexts for all our unique clients. My entrepreneurial mindset, associated with my capability to understand our clients’ specific needs, allows me to create long-term strategic plans, which help mitigate risks and create space for new opportunities of growth.

As I like to say: “I don’t make the data and processes you use; I make the data and processes you use better!”