Darren Nicholls

Partner & Market Lead

Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Phone: 1-877-687-2826

Areas of Focus and Expertise

Relationship Management

Business Development



Digital Transformation

Market Analysis

I am an experienced sales and business development professional with over 25 years of industry experience. As Partner and Market Lead at Avantage, I oversee and manage a range of client accounts. I understand how to oversee diverse teams of all sizes, and I successfully run projects to hit timelines and achieve client goals.

Prior to joining Avantage, I was CEO of both Uniserve, a telecommunications company local to British Columbia, and the publicly-traded company Meridex Software.

I pride myself on my exceptional relationship-building skills and ability to connect with clients. Working one-on-one with clients, I help them take a step back from day-to-day operations, and collaborate with them to construct a larger vision for their company. Through my guidance, we effectively break down any issue or pain point into measurable, achievable pieces. My experience in this capacity has given me the ability to manage client expectations and stabilize accounts throughout times of uncertainty.

When I’m not working, I enjoy playing a variety of sports including golf, squash, running and biking, and even completed my first triathlon. I enjoy learning about business and personal development, and have a personal goal of reading 2 books per month.

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