Allison Crane

Legal Counsel

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Phone: 1-877-687-2826

Areas of Focus and Expertise

Leadership and Governance

Strategy and Risk Management

Privacy and Data Management

Contracts and Commercial Matters

Business Transactions

Ethics and Business Conduct

I am a senior business lawyer that provides legal counsel to the Avantage team and acts as subject matter expert in certain areas such as privacy and data management. With over two decades of in-house counsel experience, I am dedicated to providing support to all business initiatives, achieving strategic goals, and building long term relationships with customers, partners and vendors. A valued advisor, I oversee all legal affairs, insurance, compliance, corporate governance, risk and commercial matters to ensure Avantage’s ongoing success.

I have had my own law firm for many years. Prior to joining Avantage, I acted as in-house senior legal counsel for a fortune 100 public company and led Ethics and Business Conduct for Canada. Prior to that, I was employed in-house at various large law firms, where I grew my legal knowledge regarding business operations and risk assessment.  I completed a business degree prior to law school with a major in finance.

Featured Areas

Legal/Business Strategy and Risk

Contracts and Commercial Transactions

Privacy, Data Management and Security

Corporate Governance

Companies / Expertise

Senior In-House Counsel for Fortune 100 Public Company

Associate at Large National Canadian Law Firms

Adjunct Professor at UBC Law School

Director on Non-Profits And Crown Corporation