Senior Consultant & Transformation Leader

Information Technology Vendor Management deals with the intelligent sourcing of IT goods (procurement) and services (contracting/consulting). Vendor management requires familiarity with business needs and transforming those needs to goods and services from qualified and accredited suppliers. In investing in vendor management, organisations would look for the best way to get value out of the investment.

Companies typically spend between 2–5% of revenue on IT & 25–30% of this on software.​ SLMaaS (Software License Management as a Service) often provides savings of 10–30% by repurposing licenses to optimize software spends and maintaining compliance to reduce or eliminate risk ​of audit. Software audits typically cost 0.004% of revenue.

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Rob Eberstein

Senior Consultant & Transformation Leader

London, UK

00 44 (0) 7887 891182

With over 20 years experience in the consulting, retail and the CPG industry, I’ve helped a variety of companies to increase profitability and reduce costs by applying simple processes, clear accountabilities and easy to use systems. Improving performance means listening to my clients and asking the right questions so I can get the answers necessary to implement the most powerful solutions for their success.

I empower business leaders and teams to make great change within their companies by giving them the tools to streamline key processes and projects. The Smartsheet work execution platform, allows me to provide strategies that enable them to achieve greater visibility, transparency and accountability, meaning things happen when they are meant to.

Analytical in nature, I’m able to synthesize data from multiple sources to help the end goal, which is to “make things better’”. I relish any challenge that will allow me use these skills to identify ways to improve the profitability of businesses around the globe.

Assists organizations with process development, change management consultancy, training and solution development on Smartsheet.

Provides professional consultation services to various commercial, project and IT teams to implement new processes and systems.

Develops solutions that make complex processes simple.

Leads cross functional projects and works effectively with individuals across various departments (Commercial, IT, Finance, Operations) and in various time zones.

Presents complex data clearly, to turn into competitive advantages, whether that be sourcing, supplier negotiations or sales opportunities.
Delivers experience on an international level.

Professional Highlights
    • Smartsheet Certified.
    • Developed the Go to Market process at Arla Foods and implemented Smartsheet (Including Control Centre).
    • Negotiated £10m cost savings at Sainsburys supermarkets.
    • Developed the sourcing process of mobile accessories at Best Buy EU, working with teams over three continents.
    • Developed andlead Category Management processes at leading UK retailers: Car Phone Warehouse and eBay.

Avantage's SLMaaS is specifically designed to help organizations control, manage and maintain software licensing compliance without adding resources or expensive toolsets.​ We have extensive experience helping businesses maximize their IT investments in the following key areas of Software License Management.

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