Enterprise Vendor & Contract Management

Information Technology Vendor Management deals with the intelligent sourcing of IT goods (procurement) and services (contracting/consulting). Vendor management requires familiarity with business needs and transforming those needs to goods and services from qualified and accredited suppliers. In investing in vendor management, organisations would look for the best way to get value out of the investment.

Companies typically spend between 2–5% of revenue on IT & 25–30% of this on software.​ SLMaaS (Software License Management as a Service) often provides savings of 10–30% by repurposing licenses to optimize software spends and maintaining compliance to reduce or eliminate risk ​of audit. Software audits typically cost 0.004% of revenue.


Norman Waine

Enterprise Vendor & Contract Management

Based in Vancouver, BC, Canada

Phone: 1-877-687-2826 

With over 25 years of experience in the technology industry my expertise include gathering and analyzing business requirements, developing strategic IT, sourcing strategies such as business risk mitigation strategies and mission critical operational support strategies. My focus is to provide professional business solutions, with the best value, for the available budget.

My vendor and contract management consulting experience has allowed me to provide professional level service in numerous contract negotiations, escalations and problem resolutions. With a strong background in the public sector I am able to execute tactical and strategic plans large corporations. I directly interface with Legal, IT Specialist, Finance, Privacy and Security experts to ensure approvals, compliance and business objectives are achieved with an acceptable level of risk.

Select Accomplishments

Provides critical thinking and guidance to business team members and senior management for appropriate contractual agreements, software, and IT related professional/managed services.

Analyzes and develops IT Strategic Sourcing Strategies, IT opportunities and contracts.

Implements risks managment assesments and provides recommendations to manage these risks appropriately.

Negotiates complex IT contracts that meet a business’s critical operational requirements.

Provides IT analysis of licensing, maintenance and service delivery trends resulting in cost savings and cost avoidance.

Evaluates new technologies that span multiple platforms to integrate with existing business solutions.

Understands relevant standards and practices for public sector competitive bidding processes and requirements such as CFTA, NWPTA, CETA, and FIPPA.

Professional Highlights
  • Negotiated complex transactions for multi-million dollar savings and cost avoidance.
  • Designed, implemented, integrated, administered, & provided support for 24/7 mission critical systems. 
  • Provided consulting and technical services to ICBC, Boeing, BMW, & Panasonic.

Avantage's SLMaaS is specifically designed to help organizations control, manage and maintain software licensing compliance without adding resources or expensive toolsets.​ We have extensive experience helping businesses maximize their IT investments in the following key areas of Software License Management.